If you use Google Ads to promote your business online, it is necessary to measure the performance of your advertising campaigns, to know which campaigns increase your profits, and which keywords make you get the highest conversion rate. This is what you can achieve by linking your Google Ads account to Google Analytics, which is a powerful platform for measuring and understanding user behavior in detail. This only requires a few simple steps, which we will explain to you in this article. 

So read this article until the end to get all the information you need to know about how to link your Google Ads account to Google Analytics.

1- What is Google Analytics 4 Google Analytics 4?

Google Analytics 4 is the latest version of the famous web analytics from Google, as the company launched this system to meet the needs of users in the current period. This system fully integrates website and app data, which helps in better understanding the customer journey and improving their experience.

GA4 also comes with new features such as tracking traffic movements between devices, high customization capabilities, and displaying reports, which make it easier for users to analyze web data and measure return on advertising investment (ROAS).

In addition, it allows users to convert historical data from previous versions and compare it with new data to obtain accurate and reliable results. Despite some challenges users may face initially, GA4 is the next step for users who want to improve customer experience and increase ROI.

2. What are the advantages of Google Analytics 4 in measuring advertising ROI?

Google Analytics 4 has several advantages in measuring advertising return on investment, as it uses innovative analytics to predict user behavior and provide easy-to-understand data about it, which helps the website owner improve customer experience and increase return on investment. Thanks to its ability to collect both site and application data, Google Analytics 4 enables the site owner with comprehensive insights into the customer journey and accurately analyzing it, ensuring that advertising return on investment is measured effectively and decisions are made based on accurate and constantly updated data.


From here we will learn how to link a Google Ads account to Google Analytics 4

How to link your Google Ads account to Google Analytics 4 in simple steps:

  • In the beginning, you must...Sign in to Your Google Ads account.
  • When you open a Google Ads account and you do not have an account, click on Create an account and this interface will appear to you 


  • Here you will write your business name


 Then you add the link to your website in this box 


  • You choose the goal of the advertising campaigns you want to work on 
  • Then enter the data or format of your ad that you would like to appear in 

 After registering in Google Ads, follow the following:


Click on Tools and Settings or at the top left of your account page.

Within Settings, click Linked Accounts.


Then choose Google Analytics 4 as shown in the picture


Then you will see the Google Analytics accounts linked to the same Gmail account. Choose the account you want to link and click Link.


Then click Save.


Linking Google Analytics 4 to Google Ads

In this step, we will explain the opposite, which is how to link Google Analytics to Google Ads.

Follow the following steps to link your site between Google Analytics and Google Ads: 

1- in Google Analytics, tap on Administrator Or Admin


2- Scroll down and when you find the Google Ads links, click on them


3- Then click on the word “Connect” at the top.


4- Choose your advertising account on Google, then click Next, then Save.



We will explain the difference between Google Ads and Google Analytics and how they are connected

Linking your Google Analytics advertising account is key to properly analyzing the performance of your advertising campaigns. For this, the user must understand the difference between the two and how to connect them. Google Ads aims to attract customers through paid ads on Google. In contrast, Google Analytics tracks visitors and analyzes their behavior on the site. Linking a Google Ads account to Google Analytics allows the user to see which ads are the most efficient and where the traffic they are generating is coming from. The user can also leverage the YouTube channel for better ad performance. Analyzing Google Analytics data, in turn, helps improve marketing strategies and achieve more good results.

If you have any questions regarding 4 Google Analytics Do not hesitate to write it in the comments.

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