Any new website on the Internet will suffer from the problem of “lack of credibility,” which is a problem that those working in the field call it seo The term “Sandbox” is the period during which the Google search engine puts you under test and observation.

Unfortunately, this period may extend for months and sometimes reach 3 months or more.

For this reason, you must know how you can quickly gain the trust of search engines to rank at the top of Google search results and to get out of this “sandbox” in which the movement of your site’s results stops improving, regardless of your speed or enthusiasm in publishing and marketing new content.

Below I will share with you 3 tips that professionals use to help new sites appear quickly and rank in the top search engines.

Google search results appear
Top Google search results

First tip: press coverage

Google search results appear
Google search results appear

One of the most important factors that earns your site Google’s trust and helps it quickly exit the Sandbox is “press coverage.” Here we are talking about the presence of news published in electronic newspapers that talk about your site, product, or service that you provide.

This may not seem appropriate for some personal websites and small blogs, but in fact it is suitable for all types and sizes of projects on the Internet, as obtaining press coverage can take place in several forms.

  1. News of the launch of your new website
  2. News of launching a new service
  3. News of one of the new partners joining
  4. News of expansion into new markets
  5. News of reaching a certain number of sales or subscriptions

Accordingly, any website, no matter how large or small, can create a “press release” campaign, or what is called in English, a Press Release Campaign, to publish news about its site in famous electronic newspapers, which in turn appear and rank at the top of the first Google search results.

But …

The most important thing that you must ensure before implementing this method is that the newspapers in which you will publish news are active newspapers, appear and rank high in the first Google search results and have a large number of visits, so that this campaign will bear fruit.

One of the best sites that you can rely on to publish press releases in major international newspapers is: Prnewswire

If you want to launch a press release campaign for your website in Arab newspapers and magazines that top Google search results, you can Contact us In SEO, we will help you do this and cover your website or electronic application on a large scale.

Tip 2: Local presence

Google Maps issued
Google Maps issued

Whatever the field of your website or electronic application, your presence on Google Maps and Google Maps is issued through an application Google My Business Getting some real reviews will help your site gain the trust of search engines in a short period of time, thus topping Google search results with ease.

One of the most important factors that Google relies on in evaluating sites and knowing the extent of public satisfaction with them is the platform for customer, user, and visitor reviews of your project or site on the Google Maps platform.

Therefore, not being present in the first place in the largest business directory on the planet Earth will greatly delay your exit from the Sandbox and the start of improving your site’s results, so be sure to create an account for your new site or application on that platform to have the opportunity to rank at the top of Google Maps.

Then make sure to get some real reviews, which should certainly be positive, as this will help your site rank at the top of Google search results for different keywords.

You can also see Local SEO, a comprehensive guide with steps 2022 To rank your site on Google better and rank first in Google search results.

Tip Three: Bookmarks

top search engines
top search engines

Search engine algorithms care a lot about what are called citations or bookmarks, and bookmarks can come in many forms.

1. Mention your site as a source in an article published on another site.

This is when a site comes and uses you as a source to document the information it provides to visitors to its site, and it is the best and strongest type of reference or Citations[efn_note]What is a citation[/efn_note] It is very important in ranking at the top of Google search results, and this matter is slightly different from backlinks, because the difference between backlinks and bookmarks is that the bookmarks must come from within the content as a source and not in a comment, in an advertisement, or even in a guest post. Post.

top search engines
top search engines

2. Mention your website’s brand name in an article or post on social media platforms.

Also, one of the important things that search engines monitor is mentioning your brand name, even if it is not accompanied by a link pointing to your site. This is called Co-Citations, or auxiliary bookmarks, which show the popularity of your site or application on the Internet among users.

The level of user satisfaction with your site is also measured by analyzing users’ feelings, or what is known as Sentiment Analysis, which is known through NLP algorithms for natural language analysis This is why if your site has a bad reputation or you have a large number of angry customers.

You should worry and try Improve your company's reputation Or your site in order to avoid an invisible punishment from search engines that may lead to a significant decline in your site’s results compared to competitors after your site is topped in search engines.

3. Conduct a lot of searches for your site in a short period.

Google search results appear
seos7 search

This is one of the most important factors that quickly gains your site’s trust in search engines and helps improve your site’s ranking on Google, which is Branded Searches, or searches related to your brand name.

The more these operations increase during a specific period, the more this is an indication to Google that your site’s popularity is increasing among searchers, and thus Google’s search results are topped by your site. This will become certain over time, and this is what makes it necessary for it to push your site’s results to the first page in order to meet these searches in the best way. maybe.

Even more influential than this is that after conducting these searches, users enter your site and interact with it well, that is, staying on it for a long time and browsing a large number of pages until they share links to your site on their social media accounts.

All of these indicators would suggest to Google that your site is the best answer to users’ searches, and this, my friend, is what will help your site quickly exit the Sandbox and top Google’s search results.

Thus, we have reached the end of this quick article. I hope that you have found useful tips that will help you improve your site’s ranking on Google and rank high in search engines, whether it was created new or even your current site, and gain the trust of search engines so that you get more visits and sales and thus rank in search results. Google.

If you have any questions or inquiries, do not hesitate to ask them in the comment box and I will answer them.


Ahmed Ezzat

Ahmed Ezat

Founder of the SEO company and Kateb platform for creating content using artificial intelligence. I have trained more than 20,000 people on improving websites in search engines, and we have served more than 800 clients in SEO over the past ten years. In this blog, I share with you a summary of my expertise and experiences in project management. on the Internet.

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